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Friday, January 3, 2020

why you are facing hair loss


Hairs are the most important part of your body just like all other body parts hairs play a main role in a persons beauty.in our whole face hairstyles are most important because they give you  about 60 percent of your look or we can say our personality is mainly depends upon your hairstyles.do you like anybody having low volume of hairs or any bald man but you will definately like person with beautiful hairs and attractive hairstyles.due to bad habits and improper care leads to hair loss in both men and womens.Hair loss conditions are mostly seen in case  of males due to their bad habits or high levels of dht.This article is based upon reasons behind hair loss.

1.Lack of Nutrients

Most important thing behind your hair loss which everyone ignores and ran behind other things are lack of nutrients.sometimes due to hard daily routines we are not able to eat right food on right time even some donot eat food on time which leads to deficiency of your body regarding essential nutrients which are required for hair growth.you should include protein ,vitamin C rich foods in your diet which are essential.Eggs are such thing which you must include in your diet to reduce your hair loss as they contain high quality nutrients.dairy products,amla(indian gooseberry),vitamin E enriched foods like spinach,kale,leafy vegetables.Omega 3 enriched foods like wall nuts,almonds,dry fruits,flax seeds should be included in your diet plan for a complete stop to hair loss.

2.Physical Activity

Another main reason behind your hair loss is not doing any physical activity.if you are eating good foods then also you have a problem of hair loss then you should work out or do yoga because our hairsalso need blood which gave all these nutrients to our hairs if blood is not circulating in your hair roots that will lead to hair loss so you musst do daily physical activity  for good hairs.

3.Hair care

Just like crops need care for good growth our hairs also need good care for their growth and beautiful shine.In this modern life we dont have enough time for ourselves  that is the main reasons we have new born problems even at a very low age. You must give your hairs  a good care wash them on weekly basis with all natural shampoo chemicals ones are harmful and oiling of scalp is most important thing oiling makes your hair root active for hair growth oiling should be done after 3 days if your problem is major you should try regular at night.oils should be changed after  month like coconut oils,olive,all natural bhringaraj is most effective for hair loss


Dandruff is alos a main cause behind hair loss.Every one ignore these white flakes on scalp in winters but they do not know how this can lead to a serious hair loss problem.Dandruff comes out due to lack of hair care and omega 3 nutrients which is important for hair scalp oiling whenever your scalp is dry there should be dandruff problem so for killing dandruff you should properly shampoo your scalp and provide oil to it this will definately give a solution to your hair loss.


Most important cause for your hair loss is dht (dihydrotestosterone) it is a male harmone excess of which leads to hairloss this dht sticks to your hair roots where blood flow is low and then blocks your hair roots slowly damaging your hairs and then stop hair growth.Blood circulation should me done for blocking Dht yoga is most effective in blood circulation to head it will definately improve your hair loss.Lycopene is a nutrient which can block dht and reduce hair loss.You must eat lycopene rich foods like tomato one after two days for better results.

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